Handheld Paint Laser Removal: Efficient and Portable Paint is a coating used to protect or decorate surfaces of materials, and can form a strong adhesion film on the surface of the coated material.

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Due to industrial needs, paint is widely used to coat metal surfaces.
However, it is difficult to remove the paint on the metal workpiece when it peels off or needs to be refurbished.
In the face of this problem, paint laser removal machines have played an important role.
Principles of paint laser removal: When paint laser removal, it is necessary to know what type of paint is being cleaned.
In industrial use, paints are generally divided into three categories: spray paint, brush paint, and baked paint.
Spray paint and brush paint are relatively easy to handle compared to baked paint.
Materials such as spray paint and brush paint can generally be processed with low-power laser cleaning machines.
However, baked paint is different and is more difficult to handle.
Therefore, when dealing with baked paint, a medium to high-power laser cleaning machine must be used.
The paint coated on the metal surface is equivalent to a layer of special plasma, which protects the metal from corrosion and oxidation.
Plasma is only generated when the energy density is higher than the threshold, and this threshold depends on the contaminant layer or oxide layer being removed.
This threshold effect is very important for effective cleaning while ensuring the safety of the substrate material.
There is also a second threshold for the appearance of plasma.
If the energy density exceeds this threshold, the substrate material will be damaged.
To achieve effective cleaning while ensuring the safety of the substrate material, it is necessary to adjust the laser parameters accordingly.
Handheld laser paint removal method: Taking the pulse laser cleaning machine as an example, when the material is irradiated by the laser in the handheld laser paint removal, the paint layer on the surface of the material expands, contracts, and peels off.
Combined with high-intensity vibration, the peeled paint layer on the surface is directly shattered, and the paint layer on the surface of the workpiece is stripped, revealing the original color of the metal.
After repeated irradiation, the paint layer on the surface of the workpiece is completely removed.
Each paint laser removal a certain thickness of the paint layer.
If the paint layer is thick, multiple pulses are needed for cleaning.
The number of pulses needed for surface cleaning is determined by the degree of contamination.
The self-control of the cleaning process is an important outcome of the two thresholds.
Light pulses with energy density higher than the first threshold will continue to remove contaminants until the substrate material is reached.
However, because its energy density is lower than the destruction threshold of the substrate material, the substrate material will not be damaged.
Therefore, when using Handheld laser paint removal equipment to clean the paint on the metal surface, the threshold must be controlled well.
Paint removing laser machines can only be carried out when the threshold is appropriate.
If it cannot be set to the appropriate threshold, it means that the laser cleaning equipment cannot meet the cleaning requirements.
Practical applications of laser paint removal: The specific applications of laser paint removal can include automotive maintenance and repair, aerospace, building and monument preservation, electronic manufacturing, metal manufacturing, and other fields.
Taking automotive maintenance as an example, paint laser removal can quickly remove old coatings, paint, pencil marks, etc. on the surface of the car, providing a clean surface for subsequent maintenance and painting work.
Similarly, in the aerospace field, laser cleaning can remove external coatings and oxides, thereby improving the corrosion resistance and fatigue life of parts.
In summary, paint removing laser machines are very advanced, efficient, and environmentally friendly surface treatment technology.
It can be applied to many different fields and products, effectively removing paint and other dirt, thereby improving the quality and performance of products.
In the future, laser cleaning of paint technology will continue to develop and be promoted, becoming one of the important technologies in the field of surface treatment.
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